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Hi, if you're here from TikTok, just to say a little thank you for your interest in my blouses and how humbled I am by your comments! This is my first ever line of clothing and it's called the Colour Me In Collection by Harry and The Chicks, fitting with my single "Colour Me In"!

As seen on my TikTok, my satin playsuits are designed by me and hand crafted by my mum. Unlike fast fashion brands, every garment is handmade to order; we don't have multiple people working on our garments. We're making the playsuits at an affordable handmade rate so you can all enjoy them as much as I do!

I love these playsuits as I can style them with so many outfits and they never go out of fashion. I normally style it with one of my blouses over the top for my gigs, and a super cute set of heels or a pair of white sock boots! It is a versatile piece that adds flair to an outfit. Due to them being handmade, no-one will own the exact same playsuit as you! Yours is totally unique to your measurements and this is why we can't offer refunds or returns once ordered due to the amount of hours and materials that go into making your one-of-a-kind playsuit!

My mum has been making clothes for me since I was a baby and is always willing to give new designs a try. She makes the sets and clothes for my music video including the one that these playsuits are named after "Colour Me In"!

You must hand wash these playsuits so they don't fray! Also be aware that they are highly flammable.

Expect by July, this could be delayed due to Covid19 but we are trying our best to get them made and sent to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your interest in our playsuits it means so much to me!

If you would like to know about more designs in the future please tick the marketing box: I won't bombard you I'll just update when new designs are available! And please post pics of yourself on Instagram and TikTok rocking the Harry and The Chicks look! I'd love to see! PS: Check out @JoeHusk on instagram who designed my logo. Joe is incredible!

Harry and The Chicks xxxx


Do you do returns?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns as every design is made to fit you. However, if an item turns up faulty you can send it back and we can repair or replace the playsuit within 14 days! Please be aware that the material is fragile and should be hand washed and we recommend you steam the playsuit rather than iron them because they are made of satin. If you hand wash the playsuit and leave them to dry they shouldn't need ironing! Stains are easily washed out :-)

How will I know when my order is confirmed / processed / shipped?

We are a two person team and will be emailing you once you have ordered a playsuit to find out your exact size, measurements of body and shoulder to wrist, and colour you would like the playsuit made in! We will send you a measurement chart so you know the exact sizes to send. I will update you once your order has been made about when they get shipped to you. We plan to ship them as soon as they're ready but please be aware this may be delayed due to the Covid19 outbreak. Due to demand expect your order by September!

Shipping costs are made by Royal Mail and will be added on at the checkout.

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