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Harry and The Chicks is an indie icon ready to hatch.

Harry and The Chicks is an indie pop rock solo artist from London. Named the Undiscovered Live Music Project's Best Solo Act 2018, Harry and The Chicks is an indie icon ready to hatch. Taking influence from artists such as Marina and The Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, Green Day, and Tori Amos, Harry connects with people through her decorative lyrics and commercial yet edgy sound.

 Harry and The Chicks is a solo act, and anyone who joins Harry are The Chicks, whether that be her audience or band members. Harry and The Chicks was recently played on BBC Essex's Vintage Vinyl hour with Mark Punter and has performed at sold out renowned venues such as O2 Academy Islington, Colchester Art's Centre and The Garage, and her headline show at The Hermit Club, May 2019 and building her online presence, Harry has over 1000 youtube subscribers and instagram followers.

Accessory - The Debut Single - June 2018


Harry and The Chicks' debut single 'Accessory' came out everywhere on June 21st 2018, along with her limited edition debut EP on disc. 'Accessory' is a feminist anthem which coincides with her DIY concept music video. The music video features Harry playing a housewife in a dystopian kitchen set in the 1950s. Describing herself as 'a walking and a talking mannequin', the classic working husband shows her no interest and in a surprising twist, Harry's housewife character meets herself in two identical opponents and leaves to find life outside the box. Accessory hit 2.6K views on youtube. 'Accessory' was also recorded in Japanese. Harry and her Japanese tutor, Mathew Bonnon translated the song.


Time - The New Single - May 2019

Following ' Accessory' is Harry and The Chicks' latest single 'Time', released in May 2019. 'Time' was sponsored by the Undiscovered Live Music Project and Harry hired Max Benoist of Go Out Of Tune to film this music video. Harry gets real in the self directed and edited music video for 'Time' which she describes as her moving family portrait. The video sees Harry and her band on stage, joined by her two nieces beside her as backing singers. Between the live footage are home videos from Harry's childhood and the final touch shows her mum and sister in the audience. Time reached 1000 views in 3 days and the music video premiered on LOCK Magazine. Time has 1.5K views and was played on BBC Essex's Vintage Vinyl Hour hosted by Mark Punter. 


"(Harry's) debut release “Accessory” is a great first dive into the recording side of the music industry.

I immediately fell in love with this track and had it on loop for weeks, its a perfect combination of original singer-songwriter integrity and your typical pop musical arrangement with lyrics to keep the listener enticed and wanting more!" - Gary Cunningham, blogger

"‘Time’ is a strong follow up to ‘Accessory’, taking more of a dramatic approach instead of a straight up pop-rock track. Harry and the Chicks is influenced by a huge variety of artists, including MARINA and various well known rock bands. Mixing all of this together in the studio creates quite an individual sound that you can’t help but get drawn into." - Adam Falkingham, ART WILL FALL

"‘Time’ is an introspective look at what her time on this planet means to her, over delicate acoustic strums that build into a big indie hit. (...) With this great knew, she is clearly working her way to the top of the indie pecking order." - George Press, LOCK MAGAZINE


"HARRY & THE CHICKS is headed by Harry. A majestically talented gal, with a plan. A plan to sweep through your consciousness with adept flows of galant musical tones, touching the very fibers of notions about self-absorbed antithetical. (...) ‘Time’ was written by her 16 year old self, thinking about her fears of aging and of the future contained within it. Journey has just begun. And what a way to keep the momentum. Look for ever more outrageous music from Harry as the season roll on." - COME HERE FLOYD, USA Blog




Harry and The Chicks is currently working on her debut album, which she plans to release mostly as singles, and a short EP, whilst she is building her fanbase. Harry and The Chicks' debut album won't be out as a final vinyl/online/ and cd product until it is stocked in stores! 

In the meantime, Harry is also working on singles separate from the album and is working and co-writing with dance/ house producers outside of her genre King and Early, too.

Demos / Future releases (unmastered)

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